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What We Do

We specialize in all matters related to walls and ceilings:  Wall framing, wall removal, drywall installation, taping, drywall repairs, plaster and lathe repairs, popcorn ceiling removal, skim coat smooth walls, soundproofing walls, textured ceiling and wall repairs, water stain damage repairs, ceiling cracks repairs, peeling paint repairs, full house painting and much more.

Before And After

Plaster Crown Moulding Repair

Before and after photos of a plaster crown moulding repair

East York, Toronto

plaster crown moulding repairs

Water Damaged Plaster Crown Moulding

Process of rebuilding a damaged plaster crown moulding

The Annex, Toronto

plaster crown moulding repair

Old Closet Removal

Before and after photos of an old closet removal and plaster walls repair

Riverdale, Toronto

Plaster and Lath Repair After Old Closet Removal

Drywall Taping Painting

Before and after photos of installation of drywall, taping and painting garage


Garage Drywall, Taping and Tiling

Electrical Panel Cabinet with Door

Before and after photos of a building a custom cabinet with door to Enclose and electrical panel


Electrical Panel Custom Cabinet With Door

Custom Built Electrical Panel Cabinet

Before and after photos of a custom built cabinet 


Custom Cabinet For Electrical Panel

Apartment Building Ceiling Plaster Repair

Before and after photos of ceiling plaster repair in an old apartment building.

North York, Toronto

Apartment Building Textured Ceiling Plaster Repair

Drywall Installation Ceiling Repair 

Before and after photos of a ceiling drywall installation


Drywall Installation Ceiling Repair Paint

Popcorn Ceiling Damage Repair

Removed water damaged drywall and Before and after photos of a popcorn ceiling damage repair

Junction, Toronto

Popcorn Ceiling Damage Repair

Texture Ceiling Repair

Before and after photos of a texture ceiling repair

High Park

Texture Ceiling Repair

Commercial Drywall Repair and Paint

Removed water damaged drywall and installed drywall on top of a solid masonry wall


Commercial Drywall Repair and Paint

Drywall Plaster Repair

Applied new silicone on the bathtub, cut out and repaired the water damaged drywall.


Damaged Moldy Drywall Repair

Bathroom Ceiling Repair

Repaired delaminating, bubbling plaster and paint caused by poor ventilation and improper insulation


Water Damaged Bathroom Ceiling Repair

Cracked Drywall Corner Beads Repair

Before and after photos of a repair of cracks in the walls around the corner beads.

Forest Hill , Toronto

Cracked Drywall Corner Beads Repair

Lace Textured Ceiling Repair

Before and after photos of a textured ceiling repair

North York 

Lace Texture Ceiling Repair

Swirl Textured Ceiling Repair

Before and after photos of a swirl textured ceiling repair

Beaches, Toronto

Before and after photos of a swirl textured ceiling repair in the Beaches, Toronto

Popcorn Ceiling Repair

One Day repair of a popcorn ceiling



One Day Popcorn Ceiling Repair

Plaster Wall Repair

Plaster walls in old apartment buildings tend to delaminate and bubble often because of high moisture levels inside the walls and poor ventilation.

East York

Old Building Plaster Repair

Basement Renovation

Before and after photos of Basement renovation: vinyl plank flooring installation, drywall repairs and painting.



Basement Renovation

Fittes/Aria Flush Drywall Vents

Before and after photos of installation of flush drywall vents



Fittes/Aria Wall Vents Flush Installation

Drywall Installation And Taping

Before, during and after photos showing drywall installation, taping and mudding of the main floor ceiling.

South Etobicoke-Toronto

Drywall Taping in Etobicoke

Ceiling Repair and New Drywall

Repaired the ceiling, installed new drywall, taped, mudded and sanded.  Repainted ceiling, walls and wood trim.

The Beaches-Toronto

Bedroom Drywall Installation and House Painting

Ceiling Drywall Repairs

We were called to repair the holes in the ceiling and the walls after some electrical work had been completed.

Forest Hill Neighbourhood-Toronto

Popcorn Ceiling Repairs

In this old condo building the ceiling popcorn texture started to fail and delaminate, mostly due to moisture issues in the building.


Old Plaster Wall Damage

Old Apartment and condo buildings tend to have built-up mositure in the walls that often causes the plaster to fail.


Garage Drywall Repair

 Installed new backing, reinstalled insulation and vapour barrier, installed new drywall.


Old Bedroom Closet Removal and Plaster and Lath Wall Repair

Fireplace Mantle Removal and Plaster and Lath Wall Repair

Living Room Drywall Installation

Wall And Ceiling Water Damage Repair

Drywall Ceiling-Water Damage Repair

Bathroom Wall-Water Damage Repair

Textured Plaster Walls Removal Project [BEFORE]

Textured Plaster Walls Removal Project [AFTER]

Old Plaster Wall Repair

Old Plaster Wall Repair

Peeling Plaster Ceiling Repair

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Plaster Ceiling Repair

Drywall Installation

Repaired Peeling, Flaking Paint Caused By Water Penetration


Old Plaster Wall, Removal, Framing, Insulation and Drywall


Your One-Stop solution for all your wall renovation needs

We take pride in providing professional results while respecting your living space by minimizing dust and other disruptions to your everyday life.

Damage Repairs

Whether your wall suffered damage due to a water leak, old age plaster cracks, paint peeling off, etc WE CAN FIX IT!

Popcorn Ceiling

Would you like to have smooth ceilings?  We can remove your popcorn ceiling or any other textured surface 


We perform new drywall installations, taping and painting 



We provide professional painting services, from fixing all the imperfections to applying the finish coats.

Plaster Ceiling

Is your old plaster showing its age?  We can fix all those nasty cracks and bumps.


Thinking of removing/adding a wall?  book your free consultation now.

See what our clients are saying about us!

Shed Drywall Taping, Mudding And Painting


We recently hired Daniel to tape/mud the interior walls (2 partial + ceiling) of our 8x12' shed. The shed was renovated late last year - fully insulated, with most walls clad with barn board or slat walls. Portions of 2 walls plus the ceiling were drywalled. The task of taping/mudding and painting was left as a job for this year and then COVID-19 happened.

After interviewing a handful of other drywall contractors, we chose Daniel because:
1. He has a very service oriented approach and showed a good understanding of what we were trying to accomplish in the shed.

2. He had a clear plan on how to protect the area and provided a professional estimate that included everything we had discussed.

3. Daniel was one of only 2 contractors who was happy to take on the dryall taping as well as the subsequent painting.

4. Due to his skillset, Daniel was able to include completing the install and painting of trim for 3 of the windows at a very reasonable price.

Daniel's communication was excellent. I was always able to reach him when necessary and his emails and txtmsgs were clear and on point. Daniel completed the work over the course of about 5 days, always letting me know in advance what time he was going to arrive and always arriving at that time.

Daniel was meticulous and focussed on doing the best job possible. As a result, were are very happy with the finished shed and have no hesitation in recommending Daniel and The Wall Doctor to friends and family. In fact, we are likely to have Daniel back for some drywall tape repairs inside the house in the near future.


Texture Wall Removal and Skim Coat

These guys came in as soon as they can to fix our walls. The job was for skim coating, prime and paint. They made good suggestions on what to do with what I've got. I'm very happy and satisfied with the result and the service we got. They finished within the promised time and very friendly.

I would use them again if i ever need to ! Would recommend!


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

I would highly recommend Daniel and his crew! We hired him to remove our ugly popcorn ceiling on our main floor. Our Living room and dining room look much cleaner and brighter with our new smooth ceiling! I appreciate the fact that they went an extra mile to minimize dust and cleaned everything once the job was done.


Water Damage Ceiling Repair

Daniel came highly recommended by a colleague of mine, I hired him to fix a water damaged ceiling in my Living room and he made it look like new! I appreciate his attention to detail and the fact that he took extra measures to contain the dust and protect my furniture. I have no hesitation to recommend Daniel and his crew to anyone in need of a drywall/plaster contractor. Thank you so much Daniel!


Kitchen Backsplash and Wall Repairs

Daniele was very friendly, professional and reliable. He came to install a backsplash in my kitchen and repair some walls in my apartment, and he did a great job!


Ceiling Repair and Handyman Tasks

We recently moved to a new home that needed some work. Daniel from the wall doctor was recommended to us and I can’t say how satisfied my husband and I are with the work he has done. Thanks for the great job on the bathroom upgrade. As well, the appliance installation and work on the cupboards and the ceiling repair have transformed our kitchen to a beautiful, modern space and surely added to the value of the home. We’re planning to paint this year and will definitely be calling on the wall doctor.

Drywall Bulkhead Framing

We hired, Daniel to frame and drywall around an exposed water pipe in our bedroom wall, as well as do other drywall repairs around the house. He was very professional and performed the work on schedule. We appreciate the fact that he took the time to cover the floors and seal some areas with plastic to minimize dust. His professionalism and attention to detail was well noted.

I will definitely hire The Wall Doctor again for any future work to be done in my home. Thank you!


Various Repairs and Renovation Projects

100% Satisfied. Impressed by ingenuity and attention to detail of Daniel’s work. Daniel is experienced, resourceful and professional. He is punctual, curtious and polite. Dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. I am always confident that projects will be done right the first time. His workmanship is by far the best I have seen.


Cabinets Installation

Daniel was highly recommended to provide the service I required to renovate my apartment and he lived up to my expectation and more. I was very impressed with his attention to details, particularly his customized and computerized design for my small space which I was able to view prior to installation. Daniel is sagacious, meticulous, punctual and he communicates well. He goes beyond the call of duty and his suggestions and recommendations were much appreciated. His fees are competitive and he provides all relevant documentation for services provided. I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel for any renovation project you are about to undertake. Thanks Daniel!!! Thanks also to the person who recommended him.


Ceiling Water Damage Repairs

I had some ceiling water damage in one of my rental properties, Daniel responded right away, gave me a reasonable quote and I hired him to do the job. I am very satisfied with the results, Daniel and his crew showed up on time, replaced a corner section of the ceiling drywall and repainted. While they were there they covered the floor and furniture and they cleaned up before leaving. I would definitely hire him again for any future projects


Drywall Installation

Had a very good experience with Daniel. He was quick to respond to my inquiry, came to provide a free quote within days. Explained the work required and provided options at different price points. The work was done very well and under budget. He was very punctual arriving right on time all 3 days it took to complete the work which was to re-enforcing a wall in the mud room & install bike hooks, repairing water damage in the ceiling of the dining room as well as replacing the entire bathroom ceiling due to cracking and upgrading our exhaust fans to prevent moisture from causing damage in the future. We are very pleased with the work and will call again when we have other work to be completed.


Carpentry Projects

From the first small project of installing some storage space under a stairway I was not only 100% satisfied but also impressed with the detail and ingenuity of Daniel’s work. We followed up with hardwood flooring, rerouting ducting to recapture floor space, restaining kitchen cabinets, running cables for my home theatre and installing a central vacuum to name a few. On one particular occasion during the installation of some floor moulding and quarter round, a structural difference between the main floor and hallway posed a challenge. However, Daniel’s experience and resourcefulness resulted in professionally finished job. His workmanship is second to none. He is a problem solver dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction so I am always confident that my projects will be done right the first time.


Doors Installation

Daniel was extremely professional and very easy to work with despite lots of scheduling challenges due to COVID-19. He installed my closet and shower doors perfectly and very quickly, would highly recommend his company!


Ceiling Damage Repair

I had some ceiling damage due to a leak in my roof. Daniel was very good to work with and seemed more knowledgeable compared to other companies that may have been overestimating the amount of repairs needed.


Drywall Repairs

We highly recommend hiring The Wall Doctor to fix any drywall repairs in your home! We hired the Wall Doctor to fix a hole in our popcorn ceiling along with several cracks that have formed in the drywall of our home. Daniel is very courteous and professional. Due to COVID-19, when he came to our house to do an inspection, he wore a mask. He is also knowledgeable as he thoroughly explained to us what he would do to fix the issues. He provided a very detailed quote and was always in constant contact with us on when his team would come to do the work. His team did a fantastic job in covering the hole in our popcorn ceiling along with fixing the cracks in our drywall. The hole looked like it was never there! They were even nice enough to cover our furniture with sheets to make sure they did not get dirty during the process and cleaned up the area afterwards.

Cynthia and Eric

Basement Apartment Drywall Repairs And Electrical Panel Cabinet.

I'm very pleased with the services provided by Daniel - The Wall Doctor. He was quick to respond to my inquiry and came out to give me a quote the very same day. His price quoted for the job was very reasonable and he was able to start the job in a timely manner. He showed up right on time the day that we had scheduled the job to start. I was very impressed with the quality of his work. Daniel delivered high quality work and did exactly what he told me he was going to do, on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Daniel - The Wall Doctor!


Popcorn Ceiling Repairs

Daniel repaired the popcorn ceiling that was damaged in my house. He was extremely professional and did a great job. The finish on the ceiling was seamless ... you would never have known that it was repaired. On top of the great job .. he was extremely tidy and there was minimal disruption to my household. I would recommend him and I have ... it’s really hard to find good people ... when you do ... it’s nice to share your experience.


Repair To Kitchen Ceiling

We connected with Daniel to repair kitchen ceiling damage. Repair left damage completely unnoticeable and was completed within timeline and as quoted. Prompt, professional and careful in the work area.

Jim and Sue

Daniel helped demolish and then rebuild a lathe and plaster wall in my home that was originally built in 1913. I had the wall spray foamed for improved insulation. Afterwards, Daniel returned and put up drywall, taped it and repaired it. Finally, he painted it. The whole job took exactly one week and Daniel's willingness to coordinate with the spray foam insulation company was excellent in terms of customer service. I highly recommend the Wall Doctor.

Ceiling Repair

We needed to repair a hole in our living room ceiling after water damage to ceiling. Daniel from The Wall Doctor responded quickly with a competitive quote. The Wall Doctor are excellent, prompt, reliable and professional, I would recommend them.


Highly Recommended!

We had Daniel and is team frame, insulate, drywall and finish a project for us. He arrived early each day and worked hard to ensure the project was completed in the time he said it would take. He was extremely reliable, kept the house and workspace clean during and after the job. Overall the room looks awesome, they did such a great job.

Wall Doctor is a very well run business offering quality work and we would use them again and refer to our friends.


Random Wall Repairs

Daniel was a great communicator and a true professional He repaired a bunch of larger plaster issues I had in my unit. It was an old building. He was clean, quick, and reasonably priced.


Excellent Plaster Repair After Removal Of Closet

Daniel did a beautiful job in patching our damaged plaster (the result of the removal of a closet from a tiny room).

He was timely in providing a quote and accurate timeline for the work and was great at keeping the line of communication open to coordinate our schedules. Both Daniele and his colleague, Ivan, were respectful in taking COVID-safe measures for everyone's comfort and health.

The work was done to an excellent standard and the room was left clean and orderly.

I would definitely recommend The Wall Doctor Inc. for wall or ceiling repairs of any size.


Fixing Ceilings And Walls In A Very Old House

Daniel did an amazing job! He was responsive, reliable, quick and did an excellent job. We had a plaster and lath wall that was being held up by old wallpaper that he fixed without having to redo the wall paper everywhere. As well we had cracks and holes in our ceilings that now you can’t even tell we’re there. His also such a pleasure to work with he comes when he says, texts backs and accommodated our timeline. Definitely recommend.


Main Floor Drywall Finishing

Daniel was on time, on budget and exceeded my quality expectations. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, and was thoughtful and courteous. He helped me with several areas where I couldn't figure out what to do. He is a craftsman and an artist. People like Daniel are exceedingly rare. He really cared about doing a fantastic job in my home. I will be using him again on my next project.


Amazing Job

I have a 60 year old home and had Daniel’s company do the drywall work. He has a very strong and responsible work ethic. Professional. On time. Works full days. More than fair price. We would hire him again in a heartbeat. I am a tradesman so I know the difference. If looking for a great job, then you will have hired the right company. My walls were old and uneven and he made them look amazing.


Drywall Repairs, Replacement and Painting After Major Electrical Work

Daniel and his team were excellent from the get-go. He was able to provide a competitive quote, as well as feedback on the job that was required (including one part that he recommended could be fixed without a costly replacement). His team showed up on time, worked around our pandemic-related work-from-home schedules, and efficiently completed the job over several days. We are delighted with the results. As we plan to continue painting other areas of the house beyond the scope of this job, Daniel made some recommendations for what to do so that it would be in keeping with the painted room that his team did.

Would highly recommend The Wall Doctor for a personal touch and will be using him again for future work around the home.


Plaster Renovation Of Damaged Interior Wall

The repair was to an historical house whose walls are 180 years old. Mike and Daniel repaired and re-plastered three time-damaged walls so they look absolutely perfect. We found the service was professional, well executed and timely. They were polite, friendly and I would recommend them without reservation. And as a plus, their fee was very reasonable.

Chris and Len

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